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Are you cut out for AIM Recycling?

Passion makes you thrive. You want more than a job; you’re looking for a mission to accomplish. The heat is on, your team is ready to go. Every single effort makes a difference.

Trust your instinct. Your ambition is your strength. Purpose is your reward. You must act now. What do you do?

You rise up. Join AIM.

Take recycling to a global scale

Join us in our mission to recycle more than 3 000 000 tons of metal every year across the globe. At AIM Recycling, we recycle metals to the maximum of their capacity. For more than 80 years, we have been uniting our strengths to make a positive difference. Join our team to contribute to our company’s growth and to support our recycling activities in North America.

It’s simple: we do it right. We aim for excellence.

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