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Management Training Program

A unique career development opportunity for recent college graduates

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Why recent college graduates choose AMI...

The Associated Materials Management Training Program develops accelerated early career growth through a combination of three consecutive 6-month learn/work, work/learn rotations in selected job functions and locations across AMI. The current program rotations will focus on developing career opportunities in several key areas of our business growth strategy, including: Commercial Sales, Residential Construction Management (ISS), Distribution Management and Manufacturing Operations

Commercial Sales includes in-depth developmental exposure in our Distribution Operations, Sales strategy and territory management. Your early career development would also include exposure to core support functions such as Credit, Audit, Pricing, Finance and more.

Residential Construction Management includes developmental assignments within Installed Sales Solutions, Commercial Distribution and Sales. Your early career development would also include exposure to core support functions such as Finance, Marketing, IT and more.

Distribution Management includes product distribution, delivery systems and personnel management.

Manufacturing Operations, being core to our business, include large scale improvement and modernization projects at many locations, driving our business into a bright future.

Each phase of your Management Training Program is designed to deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding of the core functions of our business and how they interrelate to create the complex, vertically integrated international enterprise known as AMI. As you complete the program, designated career options across the AMI footprint are available to you. Rather than be "stuck" with what you thought your hard-earned degree would mean in the business world, experience the accelerated drive and mutual commitment that your career development deserves!


Q: Is this a paid position?

A: Absolutely! Management Training Program Associates are salaried employees, many of whom also receive temporary housing assistance while on a rotational assignment.

Q: Am I able to choose the location of my 6-month development rotations?

A: No. Each business segment in AMI designates key locations for MTP development rotations based on training capacity, business opportunity and market data.

Q: Will I have interaction with the AMI Executive Leadership Team?

A: Yes. In addition to direct day-to-day interaction within the business segments, members of our Executive Team host monthly lunches with small groups of MTP Associates.

Veterans in the AMI Management Training Program!

The AMI Management Training Program is an excellent civilian career choice for qualified U.S. Military Veterans. The pace, diversity of learning environments and potential early career outcomes could be exactly what you're looking for.

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