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Join BlueScope as a Cadet in 2021!

Electrical, Materials and Mechanical Engineering

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What's on Offer?

Each year, our manufacturing business in Port Kembla NSW offers amazing opportunities for highly motivated students to join the team at BlueScope as Engineering Cadets

With a combination of part-time study and work, you'll be provided one day per week to attend university classes. Cadetships enable you to rotate through various departments, so that you gain a good appreciation of the entire steel-making process. To learn more, view our FAQ document and read on below.

Please note that applications are now closed.

Choose Your Cadetship!

As an Electrical Cadet, you'll have the opportunity to work with electrical and automation technologies and processes across the entire plant, all of which play a critical role in steel manufacturing. View the job ad.

As a Materials Cadet, you'll study the amazing structure and properties of materials and their economic application, along with improving your understanding of relevant fields such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. View the job ad.

As a Mechanical Cadet, you'll rotate through various departments along the process from smelting the ore, conversion to liquid iron and steel and then forming the raw steel into a finished product. View the job ad.

Scroll down to meet our engineering cadets and hear their stories!


Meet Kayla — Electrical Engineering Cadet

Kayla explains the world of coke-making at the Port Kembla Steelworks and the variety of tasks that she undertakes, such as designing systems and coding. She also discusses what it was like to get her trade.

Meet Tyler — Electrical Engineering Cadet

Tyler describes what it's like to like to work at BlueScope as a cadet after having a different working background. He then takes us on a tour of the exciting Hot Strip Mill at the Port Kembla Steelworks.

Meet Brodie — Materials Engineering Graduate

Having graduated from the materials engineering cadetship, Brodie now works at Springhill, using skills that he learnt at university and on the job. Brodie recounts his experience and explains the benefit of balancing work and study.

Meet Olivia — Materials Engineering Cadet

Now in her third year, Olivia tells us about the great opportunities for hands-on experience with each rotation in a BlueScope cadetship. She also takes us for a walk through the slab-making department in Port Kembla.

Meet Elisabeth — Mechanical Engineering Cadet

Elisabeth describes the variety of tasks that she undertakes each day, ranging from working in the lab to visiting the steel-treatment facility. She also explains her excitement to rotate through other areas of the Port Kembla Steelworks.

Meet Ryan — Mechanical Engineering Cadet

Ryan gives an insight into the advanced processes at No. 5 Blast Furnace in Port Kembla and explains what motivates him in his work. He also explains the value of gaining practical, vocational skills to complement a university degree.

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