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Take part in the FTEC Trainee Programme (Formacion en Tecnologias Estrategicas del CERN)! This programme is a collaboration between CERN and CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas) in Spain.

What could be a better boost for your career than a 1-2 year contract in the largest scientific experiment in the world – an Organization at the cutting edge of technology and one which needs your technical expertise?

Imagine having your first work experience at CERN!  

The qualifications you need:

This programme is aimed at recent graduates from university or higher technical institutes seeking further training in a wide area of projects. In order to qualify for the programme the following applies: 

  • You are a Spanish national.
  • You hold a Masters degree (“ingeniero superior” or “master”) or are about to obtain it (you are expected to have your Masters when starting your contract) in the field of mechanical, electrical, electronic or computing engineering, applied physics or equivalent.
  • You have no more than 4 years’ experience following completion of your last degree.
  • You have not previously worked at CERN for more than 14 months.

More specific qualifications relating to the position you apply for will be detailed in the vacancy notice. Exceptions to the application of these criteria can be envisaged if you hold a PhD degree or are in the process of obtaining it.

If you are selected, you will join a team working at CERN and have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge through participation in the hi-tech activities of the laboratory. 

You could be working in fields as wide-ranging as: superconducting and resistive magnets; power converters and their associated electronics; cryogenics and vacuum technologies and electronics for detectors; including radiation resistance issues; and other activities related to infrastructures which could potentially have returns in industry.


The application process:

You can apply once per year for an FTEC position. All available projects will be published once the job is open (beginning of October) and ≃ 20 projects will be available. There are many projects proposed in this round for you to review on the dedicated page ( with numbers to identify them. During the application process, you will be asked to provide your top 3 that you’d love to work on. Please note this is not a guarantee that your top projects will be the ones for which you are selected: you may be selected on another project that matches your profile.


Please make sure you have all the documents requested to hand as you start your application (CV, most recent relevant qualification/diploma, academic transcript of your highest qualification, reference letters). Once submitted you will not be able to upload any documents or edit your application. As soon as you have submitted your application you will be provided with a link to forward to your referees in order to upload their letters confidentially. Please note this must be done before the closing date (4th December). 


Please note that you must also complete the following questionnaire: -        - and provide the relevant documents listed in the questionnaire (those are additional documents to those mentioned above) to justify your answers by the closing date (4th December). This is required by CIEMAT in order to validate and evaluate your application.Whilst the screening of your application is mainly paper-based, a complementary means of evaluation may be used to assess better your skills and interests in general, or for a given project. You may therefore be contacted by our HR team or a hiring manager to set up a phone or video interview. Kindly note that any exchange prior to the selection committee is part of the selection process, and that any formal offer of a traineeship position can only be made by the HR Department after the relevant committee meeting has taken place in January.

The selection process will be conducted by a dedicated panel of experts from CERN and CIEMAT in January. If successful, you will normally be expected to take up your appointment in March 2020.

Contact at CERN is Manuel Gonzalez Berges, or contact CIEMAT directly. For any questions relating to technical issues you can contact CERN’s Recruitment Service.


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