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Founded in 1825 by Captain Allison Davie, Chantier Davie has a long and rich history. Since its foundation, more than 700 vessels have been built here: from steamboats, through naval vessels with sophisticated combat systems, to diesel-electric ships specialized in oil exploitation and equipped with advanced dynamic positioning systems.

Chantier Davie has built, converted, repaired and upgraded all kinds of vessels, drilling rigs and offshore platforms. These include tankers, bulk carriers, containerships, fishing vessels, ferries, naval vessels, jack-ups and semi-submersible drilling and production platforms.

With its engineering department and fully self-sufficient facilities, Davie’s versatility has enabled it to draw on the best practices and skills acquired over two centuries of shipbuilding. This allows Davie to provide products and services for industries such as mining, rail transport, hydroelectricity, nuclear power, defence, etc.

Davie has also been involved in numerous civil construction projects such as port terminals, bridges and sports stadiums.


Safely building and sustaining Canadian ships by leveraging the country’s highest capacity shipyard with world-class expertise and providing affordable fit-for-purpose fleet renewal and through-life support solutions.


Recognized as Canada’s premier shipyard, providing national strategic capabilities, regional career opportunities and economic benefits for generations to come.



Working at Davie means supporting your nation in the accomplishment of projects that allow the survival of the Canadian people.

Our projects  

  • Ship repair and refit
  • Shipbuilding

Our contracts

  • Icebreaker
  • Ferry
  • Frigate

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