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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I change my application after it has been submitted? 

A: Yes, you can. Please click here to see instructions on how to make changes to your application. 


Q: What internet browser do you recommend using for submitting applications? 

A: The Cineplex Careers site is supported by a number of internet browsers. Please see the list here.  


Q: What is the best resume format for my application? 

A: You can import your resume directly into our Careers site. If you would like to attach your resume as a separate file, we recommend that you upload it as a PDF to avoid formatting changes. You can also upload your resume as a DOC or DOCX file as well.  

*We ask that you do not submit Pages and .TXT files are they are not supported by our Careers site.  


Q: Do I need a cover letter? 

A: Unless stated otherwise, cover letters are not mandatory. If you would like to submit a cover letter as part of your application, our team will review it with your resume. 


Q: How do I track my application status? 

A: You may track your application status by viewing your profile on our Careers site. Click here to login. 


Q: What do the different stages on SmartRecruiters mean? 


  1. New – You just applied to a new and exciting opportunity. 

  2. In Review – The hiring team is ready to review your application. 

*Please note, some roles require the completion of a pre-screening questionnaire in order to move you to this stage.  

     3. Interview – You have been contacted for an interview – Great! We look forward to getting to know you better.  

     4. Offer – Congratulations! We have sent you an offer to become part of the ever-growing Cineplex team.  


Q: When can I expect to be contacted for an interview? 

A: Our goal is to contact successful candidates within 2 to 4 weeks. As we receive a high volume of applications, only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview. 


Q: Who do I contact for an update on my application status? 

A: We encourage you to check your application status via your SmartRecruiters profile. If you have been in touch with someone from our Talent Acquisition team, you may reach out to them directly.  


Pre-screening Questionnaire

Q: Why did I not receive a questionnaire?  

A: There are a few reasons why you may not have received a questionnaire.  

(a) The role you applied to does not require a pre-screening questionnaire. You can confirm whether or not your job requires a questionnaire by double checking the Job Posting.  

(b) There may have been an error in your contact information. Please verify you have input the correct contact information via your SmartRecruiters profile.  

For further assistance, please contact [email protected]


Q: Why does the link that I received via text message not work? 

A: If the link you received does not work, please contact [email protected].  


Q: Can I access the questionnaire via email or the web? 

A: Our system will initially send the questionnaire via text. Should there be an issue with receiving the text, our system will automatically re-send the questionnaire via email.  

For further assistance, please contact [email protected] 


Q: How can I expect to hear about an interview? 

A: If you are selected as a successful candidate, you will be notified about an interview by either: 

  • Email to book a phone interview when you are available 

  • Phone call to check availability  


Q: How do I prepare for a video interview? 

A: When preparing for a video interview, we recommend these tips: 

  • Dress for success 

  • Ensure that you are in a quiet place for the interview 

  • Ensure that your microphone and webcam are working 


Q: Where will my in-person interview take place? 

A: We have locations across Canada and the U.S. Depending on the role you are interviewing for, this could take place in areas such as a theatre, one of our Playdiums or Rec Rooms, or one of our corporate offices.  

Before your interview, please confirm the address with your interviewer and double check the destination and directions using your navigation tool. 


Q: How quickly will I hear feedback after the interview? 

A:  We aim to notify prospective candidates as soon as possible as we close the interview process.  

Job Fair

Q: Does Cineplex have job fairs? 

A: Yes! Cineplex organizes job fairs for the purpose of mass hiring. This is usually done when we open new locations, create an addition to existing locations, or prior to peak seasons such as summer and the holidays.  


Q: Where do the job fairs take place? 

A: Many of our job fairs take place on-site at the location that is hiring, but at times it can be off-site as well. Ensure to check the advertisements and messaging for the career fair that you are attending to confirm the job fair details. 


Q: What can I expect when I attend a job fair? 

A: Depending on the hiring needs of the location, the job fairs may be fairly small or rather large. Keep in mind that this may affect wait times on-site or how long the whole process may take. Make sure that you have a good window of time available when you come in case there is any wait times.  

Upon arrival a candidate can expect to either see a single interviewer/hiring manager or they could see several in a panel interview or sequential interviews. If they are seeing multiple interviewers, our team is focused on streamlining the recruitment and selection process for the candidate and turnaround time.  


Q: What should I bring to a job fair? 

A: We encourage you to put your best foot forward. Please ensure to bring copies of your resume and any other supplementary documents that the hiring team has requested you bring, such as a SIN card. 

Job Offer

Q: If I am selected for a job, how will I receive the offer letter? 

A: You will receive a pdf file by email. We encourage you to submit your signed offer as soon as possible. 


Q: How long do I have to consider the offer letter? 

A: We require the offer to be signed and accepted within 2 business days of the date that it was issued.  

Stay Connected

If have you any further questions, please reach out to [email protected] or the Talent Acquisition team member who you have been in contact with.  

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