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School of Professional Studies | Teaching Assistant Jobs

Teaching assistants bring their passion and knowledge as full-time Columbia graduate students to the classroom.

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Full-Time Requirements

Teaching Assistants (TAs) must be current, full-time Columbia graduate students, enrolled in 12 credits or more, and can only hold one TA position in the University at a time.  In order for a TA appointment to be approved, SPS Faculty Affairs must submit proof of full-time student enrollment to Arts & Sciences. Part-time and half-time students are not eligible to serve as TAs.

Summer Sessions Requirement

In order to work as a TA during the summer term, graduate students must be enrolled full-time during the previous spring term. 

International Student Requirements

International students must have a current visa and an I-20 that is valid on or before the hire date. The I-20 must remain active throughout the appointment period.

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