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About Compass Mortgage

As a consistenly ranked Top 10 Illinois Independent Mortgage Banker, Compass
Mortgage has continued to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve of the mortgage industry. At Compass, we provide a transparent work culture, time-saving innovations and original marketing techniques that have allowed us to close over 30,000 loans, totaling $6 billion since our start-up in 1999.

As we continue to expand and fulfill our mission of providing clients with a mortgage experience that exceeds expectations, we’re looking for self-driven individuals who enjoy working in a fast-paced, team-based environment.

The Compass Way

The culture of Compass Mortgage is unlike most mortgage companies. The Compass culture stems from 3 core values: Infinite Worth, Integrity, and Excellence. We believe every individual, whether it be our client, employee or vender, is to be treated with the utmost respect. We believe that doing business with intregity is the only way to do business; our approach is built upon a foundation of strong principles and honesty. Finally, we believe in excellence. We are either getting better or getting worse; we are never staying the same. At Compass Mortgage we are always striving to be better.


We are here to get loans done quickly, correctly, and collaboratively. We have a family-like attitude of working together to get loans through our system. Our goal is to create a better mortgage experience for our clients. The Compass team is unified and collaborative throughout the loan process.  Our clients benefit from and enjoy the loan process because of how we work together to achieve the end goal.

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