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Be a force for good with a tech career at Experian.

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Discover the Unexpected

At Experian, you’ll work alongside bright minds to take on unexpected and interesting challenges.  What motivates us is our “why”: using the power of data to create a better tomorrow for real people everywhere. Whether it’s in education, finance, healthcare, public service or elsewhere, we use our powerful data intellect and infrastructure, and a lot of heart, to support people and help them thrive. Be a part of our mission and join us in using data for good.

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Openings at Experian

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  • Chácara Santo Antônio (Zona Sul), Brazil

  • 14 jobs
  • Jardim Nova Sao Carlos, Brazil

  • 1 job
  • Santana, Brazil

  • 11 jobs
  • São Carlos, Brazil

  • 22 jobs
  • São Paulo, Brazil

  • 182 jobs
  • São paulo, Brazil

  • 1 job
  • Vila Gertrudes, Brazil

  • 4 jobs