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Employment Opportunities for Displaced Ukrainians

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Forsta is a global technology company that powers an industry-leading Experience and Research Technology Platform, which gathers and analyzes data, and translates the findings into shareable actions to inform decision-making and drive growth for organizations. We serve thousands of customers from offices across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, including in the European cities of Sarajevo (Bosnia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Bielefeld (Germany), and London (UK). To learn more about Forsta, visit our website and our LinkedIn culture page.

Below you will find listings for software engineering and sales development roles available in a few Forsta locations. We will add more roles as they become available over time. Regardless of where you are located currently, we encourage you to apply for roles that are a fit for your experience. All hires will be subject to visa approval, and we will assist with the visa application process to make it as simple as possible.

Any questions? Please contact us at [email protected].

And if you have already applied to a role with Forsta via another platform (e.g., our Forsta website or LinkedIn), please also contact us at the above email address so that we can flag your application as a priority.

We hope you get to once again experience safety and stability at your home in Ukraine. In the meantime, we feel privileged to be able to provide some type of support in the way of job opportunities.

We stand with the people Ukraine.

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Career Opportunities at Forsta

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