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Who are Frollo

Frollo is a purpose-driven Fintech on a quest to help people feel good about money. We’ve built the simplest way for people to turn around their finances, using a combination of Open Banking data and market leading AI / ML. 

Our B2B platform helps businesses do the same for their customers. Through APIs, SDKs and white label solutions we help them use Open Banking data to deliver products with real impact to their customers.

Let's remove the stigma and trepidation around managing our finances. Let's build trust and place control of financial insights and data back into the hands each of us. A mighty purpose, one we believe in deeply - and one we are well on the way to bringing to reality.

What you should know about us

  • Driven by purpose more than ping-pong tables.
  • Collaborative by approach, defaulting to transparency and open communication. Some call it radical candour - we call it respect!
  • We seek ownership and accountability in equal measure
  • We always seek to understand a problem deeply for the purpose of being able to offer a solution, not to dwell on the problem

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