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Glatfelter's Airlaid Materials Enhance Everyday Life

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Airlaid Manufacturing Overview

Glatfelter's airlaid manufacturing process produces a fabric-like material from short fibers made of softwood fluff pulp:

  • Instead of using water, this process uses air to carry the fluff pulp fibers onto a forming web;
  • To enhance strength, bonding agents such as thermoplastic (bico) fibers and binders, such as latex, are added;
  • The process yields a paper-like fabric that is thicker, softer and more absorbent than paper;
  • Airlaid material offers greater tear resistance and tensile strength, especially when wet;
  • The material is initially produced in roll form; For certain customer applications these rolls can be further converted into strips and folded or “festooned” into block form for easier processing
  • Our light-weight, soft and absorbent airlaid materials are used in feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, as well as baby wipes, personal care wipes, food & home care applications;
  • Because of the end use of our material, our customers require that we maintain the highest level of quality, cleanliness, and hygiene standards in our manufacturing facilities 


Glatfelter's Commitment to Sustainability

To us, sustainability means conducting our business using practices that protect and enhance the environmental, social and economic resources needed by future generations to enjoy a life equal to or greater than our own.   

Our airlaid manufacturing process uses a combination of biodegradable natural fibers (fluff pulp) and synthetic fibers to create sustainable, high-performance products, and the process uses virtually no water. As a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), we are also verified and certified to source and track wood and fiber from other FSC-certified, well-managed forests. 

We're proud of our environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and successful sustainabilty performance. We invite you to learn more at: 

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