What's Happening @ Grantek?

Grantek Burlington joined forces with our Engineering Managers in an Axe Throwing Competition!

It was pretty awesome to see everyone sharpen their throwing skills! We may have a few hidden lumberjacks in the group.


Grantek sponsors Western Engineering Competition

For the second year in a row, Grantek was a lead sponsor in the Western Engineering Competition (WEC). This is an exciting event where students from Universities across Western Canada come together to be challenged on their technical, professional, team building, problem solving and communication skills. Through debates, career fairs, networking events and the exciting design competitions, this year's group of students did not disappoint.

Way to go!

Grantek Sponsors Best Design at Annual Waterloo Design Symposium

Each year the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo hosts a student design symposium. The Capstone design provides Waterloo Engineering students a unique opportunity to conceptualize and design a project related to their chosen discipline, all while showcasing their talents.

The Design Symposium reinforces the concepts of team work, project management, and research and development. These are all concepts Grantek upholds and emphasizes amongst its employees. Subsequently Grantek was proud to support this great event by sponsoring the prize for ‘Best Design’ again this year!

Grantek’s guest judges Bryon Hayes and Christian Muggeridge awarded this year’s Grantek Design Award to Airsense. As a group Airsense created an affordable and effective method for collecting air quality data in order for the smart cities of the future to be able to better predict, and take preventative measure on potential incidents. They developed a platform that can be easily integrated into urban infrastructure, providing real-time air quality data openly, and to everyone.


Grantek visits classrooms throughout North America

Mark Stiefeling, Director of Central Canada went on a Grantek University tour to spread the word on why up and coming new graduates should choose us as their future employer.

He certainly is a natural at the front of a classroom!

Grantek Sponsors Science Olympiad for Second Year Running…

Science Olympiad (www.soinc.org) is a national science competition for middle and high school students.  Teams of 15 students break into groups of two and have 6 hours to compete in 23 events that includes testing events that span from anatomy to knowledge of space and building events that range from bridges to robot arms. The goal of these teams is to have the best combination of top finishes in the 23 events. Science Olympiad has been using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education concept for over 30 years.

Our own, Brian Hoffman has been involved with Science Olympiad as a parent and moving to running events at the state and national level. Currently he coaches events for local middle and high school students in the engineering related events and runs some of the individual events at the local, state, and national tournaments.

Grantek Cleveland office became involved by helping at several Science Olympiad tournaments in Ohio. The Cleveland office helped run the Egg Scrambler event at these tournaments. In Scrambler the students must design, build and test a mechanical device which uses the energy from a falling mass to transport an egg along a track as quickly as possible and stop as close to the center of a terminal barrier without breaking the egg. Brian allocated the duty of cleaning up any mishaps of the “scrambles” that may have occurred to our Grantek volunteers. 


Co-Op Student, Nick Describes His Time with Grantek...

Hello, world! Nick Hetherington here; I’m a co-op student in the Systems group at Grantek and I thought I’d share a little about my experience over the past eight months.

I’m looking forward to telling you about all the learning I’ve done and progress I’ve made during my time with Grantek, but first I want to paint the scene with the Grantek culture that makes it all possible. That so many people know their co-workers across the continent on a first name basis shows me how connected the company is across multiple offices. I like the small office feel we have here in Vancouver, but it also feels like we’re part of something much bigger and all working towards a common goal. Company-wide town halls where employees can hear directly from and ask questions of the executive make me feel connected and invested in the success of the company. There’s also a refreshing value placed on the wellbeing of Grantek employees that’s helped me manage personal issues alongside my work. And we like to have fun! In October the Vancouver office went ATVing near Whistler, and we’re having a summer BBQ in early June before heading to Whistler with some guys from the Allentown, PA office. In addition to our daily foosball and weekly sushi rituals, I play on a soccer team with some of my colleagues and we’ve been skiing and out for food and drink together. It’s a great environment to work in!

From day one I felt like I was a valuable member of the Grantek team. Within the first month I was hard at work on my first project, developing a PLC program and HMI application for a new process in a dairy plant. I wrote project documentation, interacted directly with the client, and spent three days on-site commissioning the system. Having my hands in all aspects of the project was an excellent way to learn a variety of technical skills, and improve my general project skills. I had real responsibility and all the support I needed from my colleagues, a balance that has allowed to me learn an incredible amount during my time at Grantek. Since my first project I’ve worked on many others, including implementing an OEE system that may be the basis for a global rollout, migrating a beverage plant’s PLCs from legacy systems to new hardware and virtualizing their operation servers, and building a SCADA screen for a local brewery. The technical and non-technical skills translate across my projects, and the variety keeps me interested and engaged in my work. While the learning curve has been steep, I’ve been very happy with what I’ve accomplished in my eight months with Grantek.

That’s all folks!

California Team Lap Their Boss...

Grantek's California team learned who to watch out for on the go-cart track. Systems Engineer, Jake Farrar has a secret skill of flying around the track. The team toasted to Jake over a wine tasting


Grantek recognized as an Aon Small & Medium Employer in Canada for 3 Years

The 18th annual survey identifies Canada's leading employers for workplace excellence.

Grantek is one of the country's top employers, according to the 2017 Aon Best Employers in Canada Study. This is the 3rd year that Grantek has been named a leader in workplace excellence. Grantek went one step further for the 2nd year in a row and achieved Platinum Level success for 2017.

Grantek was part of a distinguished group among 39 organizations (more than 400 employees) and 40 small and medium sized enterprises (between 50 and 300 employees) to be recognized by this year’s Aon study. The winners are featured in Canadian Business magazine as well as CanadianBusiness.com and PROFITguide.com .

What it takes to be an Aon Best Employer

The Aon Best Employers in Canada Study is the country’s premier benchmark for assessing the quality and performance of workplace excellence using global standards based on 20 years of learnings and best practices from Aon studies conducted all over the world, relying on data collected in more than 150 markets from over 5,000 organizations in 68 industries, including over 735,000 employees and more than 600 companies of all sizes in Canada. Recognized organizations have achieved outstanding results among their Canadian Counterparts for engaging employees, demonstrating effective leadership, building a performance culture and leveraging the strength of their employer brand.

Happy Anniversary!

Senior Director of ePMO, Jody Wright celebrated his 20th
anniversary with Grantek this month!