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Hear from our Principal, Acoustics

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Gerald Stewart, Principal, Acoustics (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

"I have never 'worked' a day in my life as I simply love what I do and the vastly different challenges that each and every day offers"

The diversity of our discipline is what sets acoustics apart. This may sound like a catchall buzz-phrase but in what other discipline in any industry can you be:

  • testing noise with anti-static field acoustic equipment on a gas or oil field in the middle of the Arabian Gulf on Sunday,
  • attending site supervision meetings for a new cinema building in Saudi Arabia on Monday,
  • designing a generator enclosure for a roof plant room in Melbourne on Tuesday,
  • providing complex building advice for protecting penthouse apartments directly below a dance club in Vietnam on Wednesday
  • performing complex noise modelling for an international museum on Thursday and
  • assessing road, rail and air traffic noise in Perth on Friday?

And this is a small part of our team's activity in acoustics and next week will be different! Having worked in the acoustic industry since my teens, I simply love what I do and the vastly different challenges that each and every day offers.

Listening to music or having a passion for the arts with an attentive set of ears gives a definite advantage. But more importantly, the desire, attitude and yearning to want to understand the complexities of the science of sound rather than ‘getting a job', always distinguishes a good candidate from a great one. I look for someone with a glint in their eye and a 'can do' attitude.

Because acoustics is a relatively new science, the opportunities for improvement and creating anew are vast. I know our clients are always looking for the trilogy of clever, simple but practical acoustic solutions, so having a keen mind aimed at simplification of existing proven systems is a great test of an evolving science


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