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Hear from our Principal, Lighting Design

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Ben Lüder, Principal, Lighting Design (Hong Kong)

"A combination of science, art and engineering. Never a dull moment"

One of the most interesting aspects about the type of work we do is the variety of projects we are fortunate to work on. Our passion is producing unique and integrated outcomes which are focused on the expression of the architecture and our constant pursuit of refined detailing. We try to develop something different for each project and not be too repetitive. 

There are not too many industries that combine science, art and engineering together, so you need to have a certain type of skills. When hiring, I first look for someone who has a passion for lighting and creativity. Being a team player and having a strong understanding of the technical and scientific aspects for lighting are also very important – as is learning and understanding the construction process and industry.

The lighting industry is an enjoyable one which I think is mainly because of the variety of people who have come from different professional backgrounds. We embrace this diversity and allow everyone to share their opinions and thoughts to achieve the best results we can, whilst having a bit of fun while we work. There’s definitely never a dull moment!

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