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What We Do

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Our Global Network

Everyone at Inhabit works collaboratively towards the common goal of inspiring the next generation of buildings. Honest, creative and caring individuals, we thrive on working towards this.

SKIN Façade Consulting + Engineering

SIGHT + SOUND Acoustics

LIGHT Lighting Design

SENSE Building Physics + Sustainability

TRANSFORM Detailers + Designers

PROCURE Logistics + Quality Control

HEAL Diagnostic + Remedial

CARE Access + Maintenance | Building Maintenance Units

SKIN Façade Consulting

Make a difference by contributing to the design of better buildings for end users. Our consultants are involved in projects across multiple stages of delivery, from concept through to completion, focused on achieving the desired vision of our clients.

Exposure to a variety of construction industry projects which range in scale, end use and complexity, makes no two days the same. The nature of the industry frequently presents new and unique challenges, providing opportunities to work creatively, broaden our knowledge and develop our skills to solve different situations.

Our integrated approach of assessing the building envelope with multiple design disciplines, involves collaborating closely with a range of stakeholders and fellow consultants to achieve synergy in design.

Our consultants work flexibly across different areas including performing on-site inspections, attending design workshops with clients, visiting test laboratories/factories performing prototype reviews and providing fabrication quality assurance. This hallmark of truly experiencing end to end design and delivery for our clients allows outstanding project outcomes.

As adaptable individuals, you are encouraged to push the boundaries and complement your lateral and spatial thinking with an architectural perspective, developing unique design solutions and effectively influencing project outcomes. Doing the best work we can for our clients can be intense at times, so a resilient mindset, self-management and attention to detail are important.

SKIN Façade Engineering

Buildings are central to our lives. The building envelope directly impacts the comfort of the occupants with its façade design. That's why any feature you design and engineer will affect people from day one. Our façade engineers work on a variety of innovative and sustainable projects which vary across commercial, retail, residential, government and health sectors.

As an engineer at Inhabit, you will work alongside some of the best in the industry who share a vast depth of knowledge, skills and experience including structural engineering, building fabrication and construction, architecture, geometry and computational design and programming. Creative, interdisciplinary thinkers with the ability to conceptualise the link between engineering and architectural design are highly valued by both Inhabit and our clients.

With every job being different from the last, there is always new challenges and something to learn that develops your professional skills as a engineer. As passionate, resourceful and tenacious problem-solvers, your capabilities are underpinned by care and precision. Collaborating in a fast-paced environment on client deliverables can put demands on your time, so bring along your good humour and team spirit.

While creating structurally stable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing buildings, our façade engineers strike a measured balance between beautiful solutions and long-term sustainability for better quality lives.

SIGHT + SOUND Acoustics

Acoustic engineering provides endless opportunities for both learning and creation. The term “one person’s junk is another person’s gold” is reflected in acoustics, as one person’s noise is another person’s music. Our network of acoustic engineers are curious-minded individuals that are fascinated by the complexities of the science of sound, aiming to simplify existing systems to produce sophisticated solutions.

An understanding of communication, subjectivity and audio psychology can provide a swift hint on how people hear, listen and respond differently to things. This is just as important as having a clear understanding of what is and what isn’t noise. An ‘exploring’ attitude defines an acoustic consultant to be a scientist in search of creating and improving something rather than just 'doing a job'.

As part of the acoustics team, opportunities to improve and create things anew and tackling different challenges occur daily. Our projects are varied in both scale and complexity with our acoustic engineers providing a high level of service for our projects, delivering acoustic solutions that are the trilogy of clever, simple and practical.   

Click here to find out more from our Principal, Acoustics

LIGHT Lighting Design

Lighting is an imperative stimulus to the overall natural and built environment. It is the medium which allows us to interpret our surroundings, materials and the language of the architecture. Our design process employs critical thinking to realise progressive lighting concepts that evoke emotive visual experiences.

Our talented lighting creatives are all passionate about working with light and come from culturally and professionally diverse backgrounds. We work in collaboration with some of the best clients, architects, engineers and interior designers in the industry.

Our lighting team apply their creativity and think outside the status quo, producing unique visual results that are diligently detailed, technically robust and environmentally responsible. You will be provided with a supportive and fun working environment which promotes career growth, design, creativity and mentorship.

SENSE Building Physics + Sustainability

Wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our built environment. High-performing and sustainable buildings ensure the occupants are comfortable whatever the climate.

You live and breathe sustainable design as part of the building physics and sustainability team, and are driven to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimise waste and create healthy environments. 

At each phase of the design process your ability to influence the project, from the initial environmental cost of the building, use of renewable materials and design of energy-efficient technologies, all help influence the building's long-term environmental impact.

Taking projects from early concept through to construction, your learning is based around balancing and engaging in better design outcomes. Advising from a consultancy perspective based on your technical skills and commercial acumen, sees you collaborating with architects, engineers and builders to deliver practical solutions - because sustainability matters.

TRANSFORM Detailers + Designers

Historically, drafting was a 2D pursuit. Modern technology in manufacturing and production process, along with software innovation has seen industry now working in 3D with Building Information Modelling (BIM) - influencing design outcomes. Learning and using these technologies demands a passion for structural and facade design.

Inhabit's clients rely on us to articulate their vision. Our network of production professionals helps to inform the buildability and practicality of designed systems between the design intent and finished product.

Our team is focused on the creation of highly detailed drawings and 3D renderings that are used by all sectors of the building industry. From architects in early stage design, across to fabricators and installers onsite, we influence a broad range of clients across different stages of the production lifecycle. This outlook means that the team's responsibilities each day are varied, interesting and challenging.

Skills we value are team players with the capacity to coordinate accurately and communicate clearly. Drafting experience with a variety of industry leading packages is vital along with a keen interest to develop technical skills in software-based or design skills.

Being engaged on active projects, creating shop drawings that transform to fabricated panels and helping resolve the problems that come with each new design, leads to the satisfaction of creating a building envelope that performs as intended.

PROCURE Logistics + Quality Control

The logistics team is responsible for all aspects of production and quality control right across the building lifecycle. Focused on ensuring clients have their procurement supply chain operating at its best efficiency, our network of engineers, inspectors and materials specialists witness, assess and report on the myriad of factors that can impact production quality.

As a growing discipline, there are always new and interesting business partnerships to explore and learn from. Our team are adaptable problem solvers who meet the challenge of ensuring strict quality requirements are met for clients, whilst ensuring timing in planning and delivery is also achieved.

Logistics balances office and site work, ensuring buildings are delivered in a manner faithful to the original vision of the engineers, architects and designers. The projects involve working with factory workers, production managers, façade designers, engineers, trades on site, architects, builders and materials scientists. Ideally, as a logistics team member you have a bilingual background and are familiar with design and the façade manufacturing industry.

HEAL Diagnostic + Remedial | CARE Access + Maintenance, Building Maintenance Units

Diagnostic and remedial is a diverse and interesting mix of new build, diagnostic and heritage projects. Each project we work on is unique, with its own set of complexities. The on-the-job learning curve is never-ending with the construction market always evolving with new codes, regulations, products and benchmark methods. This keeps us on our toes.

We work with multi-disciplinary engineering and design teams across fire, fit-out, structural, architecture, installers and sustainability, which helps us understand the bigger picture. Each project is different as we work with our clients to thoroughly understand their needs and requirements, using our creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Our highly skilled team inspect an extensive range of façade types using diagnostic techniques to assess and report on the condition of building façades. All façade types are inspected by our rope access trained engineers or use of building maintenance units and elevated work platforms. Our team inspect issues which include, water ingress, sealants, coatings, material failure and deterioration.  

Working in a niche and growing industry, the expertise of our diagnostic and remedial team is highly sought after, so adaptability, flexibility and willingness to travel to different locations is key. The capacity to clearly express your ideas with report writing and communication skills for presenting to clients, is matched by your attention to detail and a can-do attitude.

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