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Breaking Barriers with Intergalactic

This is the era of further, faster and cooler. Welcome to the new age of aerospace technology.

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Giant Leaps

We’re a team of engineers, technologists, designers, mathematicians, and problem solvers committed to a singular idea: reviving the no-boundaries mentality in aerospace. We grew up inspired by Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhardt, and Neil Armstrong, and we want to play a role in enabling a new generation of giant leaps for mankind.

Intergalactic is just plain cooler.

We’re building a crew of the nation’s best, regardless of where you live. Come join us at Intergalactic HQ in Southern Utah, or stay where you are and work remotely. We’re always on the hunt for top-tier engineers, designers, technicians, business specialists, and more.

Think you’d be a good fit? Apply below.

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Jobs at Intergalactic

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