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Life in Bergen


At Midtunhaugen in Bergen we receive approx. 13,000 tonnes of raw coffee. We store, burn, mix, grind and pack the coffee here. That means we have several coffee experts "on the house" for taste, burning, kreezing, packing and storage.

The Friele heritage


Friele has been around for over 210 years and we have collected many good stories along the way. We receive about 13,000 tonnes of raw coffee a year. Taste is in focus at Friele. It is very important to make sure the coffee is roasted properly to get the right flavor. Therefore we test and taste before the coffee is packed and delivered to you. At the factory, we grind the coffee to different sizes, depending on which coffee preparation method is used. Our packaging unit produces over 50 to 100 tons of coffee a day, it will be over 5 million cups of coffee per day. We have a warehouse that can store over 4000 pallets at once!

What you can expect when you join JDE

At JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS (JDE) we are inspired by our belief that it is incredible what can happen to a cup of coffee. We are driven by the vision that everyone deserves the coffee they love. As a coffee business, we are proud to be a part of millions of people's lives every single moment, every single day. We are proud of our passionate employees who challenge the status quo and master everything they do. Our goal is simple and ambitious - JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS: Coffee to suit all tastes. Working with us means you want to help make a difference in a fast-paced environment based on collaboration. We work as a team, celebrate success and support each other. Our employees work in an innovative environment and are committed to doing the right things - all over the world. What you do here will be noticed. 

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