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NB Advisors

If you’re an Accounting Professional looking for a family first firm with better pay and a place to master your skills, we’re hiring.

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“Coming from a big 4 and national/regional firm background, I was a bit concerned about my career advancement at NB. But the diverse client base made for extraordinary opportunities for professional growth and development in applying my craft.”


– Daniel R. Jozwiak, CPA 
Senior Tax Manager at NB Advisors


If you’re looking for a firm to gain your life back,be compensated well, and develop your profession, then you may be interested to know our Founder, Kevin Niedoba, CPA. He started his accounting practice 35 years ago to establish a:

  • True work/life balance environment - As long as your due dates are met, we are truly flexible on when the work gets done and from where (remote)
  • Portfolio of interesting and diverse clients so you can master your craft
  • Self-guided and collaborative professional development 
  • Unparalleled job security with long-time clients and YoY (year over year) growth 
  • Fast track path to you becoming Partner 

Sounds like a home you’d like to work at?


Our Claimed Awards

  • 2018: NJBA - Best Online Interactive Tool Award
  • 2016-17: SNJBP - Readers’ Choice Award
  • 2016: NJBA - Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
  • 2015: Thomson Reuters - The Rookie of the Year Award


Interesting Work. The ability to do interesting work with businesses and purposefully impact their bottom line. 

  1. Innovation. The ability to step up and innovate will always be encouraged by Partners. 
  2. No Toiling. If your work is done, go enjoy life. No one needs you to make a day or make a week, pretending to be busy.
  3. Only Golden Clients. Our bar for client selection is very high and we will not hesitate to fire a client that has an excessively difficult personality. We want to work with people that we like to work with.

Admin Support. We have a dedicated admin team that acts as "de facto" personal assistants for our professional accounting team. We strongly encourage delegation to our client services team. "If the task does not require your level of skill to do it, then delegate it".

Join Our Family Firm

Join our family firm, you’ll love our llife before work approach and amazing clients, your better pay and opportunity to master craft.

Feel free to apply. We guarantee we’ll review every application. Apply now:

Tax Manager Job

Senior Accountant

Client Services Coordinator

We look forward to working with you.


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