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Within Precision Pipeline Solutions you’ll be working for one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies in natural gas and electric utility contracting industry. You’ll be joining a multi-disciplinary team focused on supporting our utility client’s natural gas and electric infrastructure. We seek motivated individuals searching for a career opportunity in a technical field within the natural gas industry. Our employees enjoy the opportunity to advance and continue to develop in their technical and supervisory skills within a positive and open environment. We offer competitive salaries and a good benefits program. 

The following are positions that we are periodically looking to fill:

Field Survey Technician

Job Description:

The position of Field Survey technician is fairly physically demanding position, requiring a significant amount of walking and a fair aptitude for electronics and map reading skills.  This program entails employees testing utility- owned structures, including but not limited to gas services and pipelines, gas meters, utility (telephone) poles, support cables, and underground units.  This position may require the employee to walk between 1 and 5 miles daily and drive up to 50 miles.  Most importantly, it requires a drive to succeed and the internal push to better oneself.  

Some of the basic tasks are outlined below:

  • Map reading skills
  • Hand-held electronics and computer skills
  • Safe driving skills
  • Personal/Communication skills
  • Time management skills

Construction Technician

Job Description:

The position of construction technician is a very physically demanding position requiring a good deal of mechanical aptitude- we have found those that enjoy and excel at auto mechanics and laboring do very well at this position.  We are looking for a fairly experienced individual that our in-house staff can continue to train and move up to a leadership position. 

A good candidate is one that strives for safety and quality in every task, while simultaneously searching to improve efficiency and increase productivity.  This candidate has strong mechanical aptitude and some industry experience.  They also have some management experience and can communicate well to employees and clients.

Some of the basic tasks are outlined below:

  • Mechanical skills: employee should be familiar with general tools
  • Leadership skills: employee should have some experience in managing other personnel
  • Personal/Communication skills
  • Industry experience preferred

Thank you for your interest in an employment opportunity with Precision Pipeline Solutions.  If the position you wish to apply for is no longer posted, please submit your application/resume to [email protected]

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