Careers at Prometheus Group

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Prometheans enjoy their work and are able to quickly see the results of their efforts.  For developers, this means being able to take ownership for your projects, from laying the groundwork for a new solution to collaborating with the end users testing out your code.  For a sales representative, this means developing close relationships with customers from major corporations across the globe and driving the sales process forward in order to close million dollar deals.  Every team member is empowered and encouraged to innovate, contribute ideas and discover solutions.

A Positive Work-Life Balance

We take our endeavors seriously and work hard to create unparalleled solutions for our customers. Hard work, determination, and business acumen are the catalysts that have propelled us to where we are today, a global leader in SAP solutions.  Work is done at lightning speed and staying on top of projects is paramount to our entrepreneurial environment.  Even in this fast-paced atmosphere, we are a company that knows how to have fun! A positive work-life balance is important to us. We have a casual office dress code, enjoy complimentary gym memberships and leave early on Fridays to get a head start on the weekend.  We want our employees to be rejuvenated and ready to do their best, because only happy people create great work.


We offer an attractive benefits program to meet the diverse needs of our employees. Benefits include:

  • Competitive Salaries

  • Excellent Working Environment

  • Casual Dress Code

  • Company Outings, Trips & Activities

  • Half Day Fridays

  • Generous Paid Time Off

  • Retirement Savings with Company Match

  • Health Insurance

  • Tuition Reimbursement Program

Our Values

Prometheus offers it's employees many engaging and rewarding challenges. We are constantly looking for people that can rise to those challenges, build a career, and seize the opportunities of our growing organization!  Our succesful Prometheans embody our seven core values. These values drive our day to day business and have helped us sustain our culture through rapid growth and change. 

  • Honesty
    • We conduct ourselves with integrity in all situations.
    • We do right by the company, other team members, and customers.
  • Respectful
    • We treat each other with professionalism.
    • We use candor in a way to strengthen others.
  • Results-Focused
    • We prioritize and set goals.
    • We have the discipline to achieve our goals (i.e. close deals or release software)
    • We don't get lost in the weeds or create busy work.
  • Hardworking
    • We commit ourselves to challenging work because we are confident that we can do it.
    • We work with urgency.
    • We focus on the task at hand and finish it…no excuses.
  • Resourceful
    • We aren’t afraid of big ideas.
    • We take calculated risks to get things done.
    • We anticipate and find ways around roadblocks.
  • Accountable
    • We own our results, good and bad.
    • We know mistakes happen when you take risks, and we learn from them.
    • We look within ourselves for solutions, first. Take initiative!
  • Team-Oriented
    • We constantly seek to understand and learn other people’s perspectives. 
    • We pursue the right answer, instead of winning the argument.
    • We value relationships.