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Working at Publicis Groupe

The women and men working at Publicis are more ready to face the future than at any other creative company. Since our birth in 1926, we have always been the leaders of change. 
We have always managed to anticipate the developments and inflection points of our industry – successfully investing in digital in its early stages, for example. 
Transformation means keeping pace with the huge changes taking place in the economy, in technology and in society at large. In an age of convergence and empowerment, we aim to attract people can help our clients reinvent themselves and guide them through their transformation. That’s the challenge: help our clients transform their business. It demands colorful personalities with an irrepressible passion for all the opportunities unleashed by digital disruption.

( IQ + EQ + TQ )

Publicis Groupe’s philosophy revolves around the equation : ( IQ + EQ + TQ )

Intellectual Quotient, Technology Quotient and Emotional Quotient to power creativity and disruption. 
The talent we recruit has to score high on these elements:

  • Intellectual Quotient: any approach to brand communication or product marketing requires serious thought and astute strategic counsel. Coupled with the need to transform a business model or marketing strategy, it’s led to the development of consulting as an activity in its own right. A strong IQ is therefore crucial to face the challenges of the Digital Age.
  • Technology Quotient: we know how to make the most of the unprecedented capabilities of new technologies.
  • Emotional Quotient: it’s the heart of our business and what makes us stand out. EQ, powered by creativity, ensures the success of the greatest alchemies, valorizing and transcending Publicis Groupe’s offer to bring a vital touch of humanity to our brand content.

People-First Focus: Empowering Every Employee to the Power of 80,000

In a world where people no longer want to work for companies and instead expect companies to work for them, Marcel is the first enterprise platform designed with people-first benefits and experiences in mind. At its core, Marcel is about empowering every single Publicis employee to the power of 80,000. Founded in a belief that an augmented workforce leads to higher engagement, which in turn leads to better work and results for clients, Marcel is built on the foundation of four key pillars: knowledge, connectivity, opportunity and productivity.

The power of knowledge serves to educate and inspire our people through creative work and illuminating business, industry, account and cultural intelligence.

The power of connectivity finds, matches, casts and suggests the most appropriate people within the Groupe to connect, depending on people’s needs, interests, behavioral patterns and desires.

The power of opportunity provides a multitude of ways that each person can contribute, participate and flex their skills and passions on other projects beyond their day-to-day accounts.

The power of productivity turns the often tedious and highly-manual processes like timesheets and expenses into seamless and incredibly easy tasks. Fueled by a live organizational data graph and Microsoft AI technology, Marcel will deliver a fluid, intuitive, intelligent and rich experience for the 80,000-strong workforce.

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