Careers at REBA

The vision of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) is a resilient zero-carbon energy system where every organization has a viable, expedient, and cost-effective pathway to renewable energy.

Mission, Values and Brief History

REBA is an alliance of large clean-energy buyers, developers and service providers who, together with NGO partners, are unlocking the marketplace for all non-residential energy buyers to lead a rapid transition to a cleaner, prosperous, zero-carbon energy future. 

REBA was founded in 2014 by four prominent non-profit organizations- Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), World Resources Institute (WRI), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)- in collaboration with a group of leading corporate renewable energy buyers. In July 2018, the four NGOs decided to spin out their respective U.S.-based REBA initiatives to form the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance of today. 


REBA's Values

1. Service: to colleagues, members and REBA's mission

2. Respect: in our treatment of people and the planet

3. Excellence: in our programs and our work

4. Integrity: in how we conduct ourselves