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Life in Annecy Design Center

In a society where speed, stress and individualism have taken over, we have lost our ability to connect and play. Salomon wants to help bring a little more balance to peoples’ lives by enabling them to play outside every day. 
Originating in a small factory based in Annecy, France in 1947, Salomon became part of Adidas in the late 1990's and was subsequently acquired by the Amer Sports group from Finland in 2005. The company strives to deliver gear and experiences that enable people to play.
The Salomon brand is present globally in more than 45 countries and has a unique multi-sport, multi-product category and multi-season model that enables the company to equip consumers from ‘head-to-toe’ (or head-to-ski tip) to enable them to play 365 days per year.

Why Join Salomon ?

We always appreciate talents who can impart values in a versatile pool of professionals and contribute significantly to being a better version of us in delivering the trademark of an innovative sports equipment manufacturing company.

The things which we can ensure you:

- A company who are trying to make a mark in the field of outdoor sports gear manufacturer

- A goal-oriented multi-national team comprises of people of from varied professional expertise

- A unique opportunity to stay ahead of the learning curve.

Esprit de Famille

We see the Outdoors as a playground to share and enjoy with others and we nurture solidarity and teamwork in every community we engage with.


Life is full of joy and opportunities, so we constantly invent and progress to bring things forward even if that means rewriting the rules.


We value life and people’s diversity. We play all sports and love
crossfertilization to invent new ways.


We are humble in taking our work seriously but not ourselves. We keep things grounded, remain driven by common sense and look for authenticity in everything we do


We strive to get the best to everyone play with : athletes, fans, enthusiasts, employees and partners.

Play Minded Program : Sustainability

Mission statement

What motivates us is to enrich people’s lives by enabling them to play outside. But while we are play-minded, we recognize the need to play responsibly.

This feeling of accountability drives our commitment to:

The Players, who nurture and energize our communities.

The Playmakers, who design, develop and make the toys that help make our playtime possible.

The Playground that is home to our experiences and that must be maintained and protected.

The Toys, the products we use to find these moments of joy and expression, and that we strive to create in line with our values (Sports room and yoga classes, Organic food, Secured bike storage, Internal events, Work council, Transportation...)

All of this reinforces why we are implementing a sustainability program with key objectives for 2025. Our focus : Education.

We aim at providing people with knowledge, inspiration and solutions for more responsible ways of playing outside.

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