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Careers at Storware Sp. z o.o.

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About work at Storware

Storware is formed by a group of ambitious, highly motivated individuals who share the same vision and passion: to create software products that simplify data management in a smart way. We have many passions and different… but compatible characters, so there’s always lots of fun in our cosy, medium sized open-spaces that allow both co-working and focus sessions easy. 


We have a flat structure with product-oriented teams made of 5-7 members. We strongly encourage knowledge sharing and “agile” spirit not only on team level but on company level, so it’s common to see collaboration across teams and technologies. All teams follow Agile development methodology (SCRUM)  and use JIRA for their kanban boards and task management. 


Storware management has strong technical background and in-depth understanding of infrastructure and software development techniques, so  you can expect that your arguments will be heard and understood!


We value job-well-done over timesheets and strict working hours agreement, we do remote work and if you have to take your kid with you - no problem! And hey! we don’t mind pets at our office too! 


We eat lunches together (if we feel like it) and often have nice chats over a mug of  a delicious (free) coffee. When weather allows we have grill parties on Fridays (vegan too).

    What tools we use:


    • JIRA for Scrum (as we ❤️ Atlassian)
    • Bitbucket and GitLab for Code and Code Reviews (PRs and GitFlow)
    • Confluence and GitBook for documentation
    • TeamCity and Jenkins for builds and CI
    • SonarQube for StaticCode Analysis
    • Docker for … docking ;-)
    • AWS for our Cloud Infrastructure
    • CentOS is our Linux distro of choice as we ❤️ RedHat
    • We also work closely with IBM and Samsung and we ❤️ them both too!

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