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Welcome to the career portal of Student Impact

Thank you for your interest in Student Impact!


At the bottom of the page you will find the currently available positions


If you would like to apply for a position right away, please complete your information, upload your CV, and introduce yourself in an application video of no more than 3 minutes or a motivation letter of no longer than one page by answering the following two questions: 


  • If you had to speak at a TEDx conference right now, what would your topic be and why?
  • Imagine you had unlimited resources and power, what measure(s) would you want to take to address climate change?



For the Impact Day, our official full day dedicated to recruiting, we ask you to reserve Monday, September 18th


Applications are open until Saturday, September 16th 11:59 PM.



Do you have open questions? Feel free to drop us a message at [email protected].



Can I apply even though I am in the assessment or master? 

We especially care about diversity in our team. We accept students of all ages, study levels, fields of study and work experience - You are therefore welcome to apply at any time during your studies!


Can I apply even though German is not my native language? 

We are working in a bilingual setting, as the majority of our consulting projects are carried out in English, while internally we communicate in German. Therefore, we require a proficient level in both languages. 


Can I join Student Impact for just one semester? 

The entry requirement is a commitment for ideally at least 2 semesters, since as an educational association we rely on the consistency of our members. This can be completed by taking breaks (e.g. for internships and exchanges) and across different levels of study (e.g. in Bachelor’s and Master’s), which has to be communicated to HR during the application process. 


How can I prepare for the Impact Day? 

The goal of our Impact Day is for us to get to know your authentic self and understand your motivation to join SI. On the other hand, the Impact Day shall provide you with the opportunity to experience SI firsthand. The three recruiting rounds (interview, discussion and case) require no specific preparation and are manageable at any level of experience. 


What is the main difference between work as a consultant and board member? 

The main difference lies in the nature of the work. 

Consultants work on a consulting project in a team of seven under the guidance of experienced project managers and coaches. It’s a great opportunity to learn essential professional skills like solving business problems and engaging with different stakeholders. The assignment is structured along agile project phases combining research & analysis, conceptual design and operational work. The work will depend on the specific project one is working on. Generally, the consulting projects will either support an impact-driven company on strategic topics or support the transformative efforts of an organization that seeks to incorporate ecological and social value generation into their strategies and operations. 

On the other hand, board members are an integral part of the board team which actively shapes the direction and activities of the association. With the support of the presidium, the board members work on individual tasks and responsibilities that are dependent on the specific role.  


How does work at SI differ from an internship at a consultancy?

First and foremost, working together with other university students for an educational association provides a unique learning environment. Members not only have more responsibility within their team, but also benefit from guidance and support from project managers and coaches who are also students. We also work closely with the customer, providing a collaborative experience. Additionally, SI provides its members with a unique community experience, complete with an internal curriculum and a range of events and workshops. 


What does a typical week as a SI consultant look like?

A typical week at SI starts off with our Monday meeting, which all members attend. During these meetings, we impart sustainability knowledge and share updates on our projects. Throughout the week, there are typically two team meetings or working sessions with the project team, each lasting two hours. During these sessions, everyone has the chance to discuss relevant topics, work together, and build professional skills. The rest of the week, approximately 10 hours, is spent doing individual work which can be completed on your own or together with others in our office. There is constant communication with the team, and there are capacity checks in place to ensure that our members can work less during busy times. Beyond project work, SI members have the opportunity to participate in a range of events and workshops. 


To what extent is the work spread out over the semester? 

We actively seek to ensure compatibility between the university obligations of our members and their work at SI. To that end, we have intentionally structured our project schedules to avoid conflicts with exam periods. As such, our projects typically begin at the start of a semester's lecture time and end with the conclusion of the same semester's lectures. During this time, members can expect to participate in two client presentations, one before the semester break and one during the final weeks of lectures. The periods leading up to these client presentations can be the busiest time for our members. 


What kind of community events are there and are they obligatory? 

We believe in the importance of our community and offer a wide range of events. We kick off each semester with an Onboarding Weekend in a chalet in Appenzell and celebrate the end of each semester with a Christmas or Summer Party. Furthermore, we have weekly meetings on Mondays. In addition, our members have the opportunity to take part in workshops with our corporate partners and a range of community events, such as running dinners and parties. While we strongly encourage and expect our members to attend these events and engage with the community, they are not obligatory. 


Can I leave St. Gallen during the semester (e.g. go on vacation)? 

As an educational association, we rely on the consistency of our members and them being on campus for weekly meetings and events. However, we understand that our members may have obligations and desires that require them to leave St. Gallen during the semester. Therefore we do not require our members to be in St. Gallen at all times. 


Can I also work next to Student Impact? 

Members of SI can expect to have a workload of 16-20 hours per week during the semester. However, we do not restrict our members from working outside of the association. In fact, some of our members work as working students in addition to their responsibilities at SI. 


How many credits should I take at the university next to Student Impact?  

Members of SI can expect to have a workload of 16-20 hours per week during the semester. However, we do not impose strict credit limits and therefore leave it to our members to plan their workload. Through our internal coaching and support structures, we actively seek to create good alignment between SI and our members' university duties. For instance, our projects are completed within the lecture time, so that our members have enough time for studying during the exam phases. Additionally, our community fosters support and collaboration among members, including study groups. 


Can I gain leadership experience at Student Impact? 

SI provides various opportunities to acquire hands-on leadership skills. Bachelor students typically gain consulting experience for two semesters before they then might be given the chance to take on a leadership position as Project Lead. As a master student, depending on the profile and experience level, one might also be given this opportunity right from the start of their SI career. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis in the regular recruitment process. That being said, we generally encourage and welcome students taking on initiative and responsibility right from the start of their SI career no matter their formal position and seek to provide the best possible learning and development opportunities for all levels of experience. 


What do I benefit from SI for my future career? 

SI provides its members with a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop valuable skills for their future careers. By working on consulting projects we equip our members with professional skills like working in teams, using common consultant tools and engaging with different stakeholders. Our members also profit from internal trainings and individual coaching to further enhance their personal and professional development. Furthermore, our internal curriculum based on our onboarding program as well as weekly meetings provides our members with a deep understanding of sustainability, including interdisciplinary and systemic perspectives on sustainability and sustainable business practices. 


Will I receive Campus Credits? 

The allocation of Campus Credits at SI depends on the position. Consultants are not eligible for Campus Credits in their first semester but will receive 4 Campus Credits in their second semester. Project leads and board members, on the other hand, are eligible to receive 4 Campus Credits for their contributions to the organization. 

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Jobs at Student Impact

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