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Welcome to the career portal of Student Impact

Thank you for your interest in Student Impact. At the bottom of the page you will find the currently available positions




Can I apply even though I am in the assessment or master?

We especially care about diversity in our team. We accept students of all ages, study levels, fields of study and work experience - You are therefore welcome to apply at any time during your studies

Can I gain leadership experience at Student Impact?

Student Impact provides various opportunities to acquire hands-on leadership skills. As a bachelor student you would typically gain consulting experience for two semesters before you then might be given the chance to take on a leadership position as (Junior) Project Lead. As a master student depending on your profile and experience level you might also be given this opportunity right from the start of your SI career. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis in the regular recruitment process.

That being said, we generally encourage and welcome students taking on initiative and responsibility right from the start of their SI career no matter their formal position and seek to provide the best possible learning and development opportunities for all levels of experience.

Can I join Student Impact for just one semester?

The entry requirement is a commitment for ideally at least 2 semesters, since as an educational association we rely on the consistency of our members. This can be completed by taking breaks (e.g. for internships and exchanges) and across different levels of study (e.g. in Bachelor’s and Master’s), which has to be communicated to HR during the application process.

Can I apply even though German is not my native language?

We are working in a bilingual setting, as the majority of our consulting projects are carried out in English, while internally we communicate in German. Therefore, we require a proficient level in both languages.

How many credits should I take at the university next to Student Impact?  

As indicated in the position profiles below, you can expect a reasonably high workload during your time at Student Impact. However, we do not impose strict credit limits and therefore leave it to our members to plan their workload. Through our internal coaching and support structures, we actively seek to create good alignment between Student Impact and our members' university duties.

How can I prepare for the Impact Day?

The goal of our Impact Day is for us to get to know your authentic self and understand your motivation to join SI. On the other hand, the Impact Day shall provide you with the opportunity to experience Student Impact firsthand. The three recruiting rounds (interview, discussion and case) require no specific preparation and are manageable at any level of experience.

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Jobs at Student Impact

No job postings are currently available.