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Apply to Student Impact

Thank you for your interest in Student Impact!


Currently all positions for the spring semester 2024 have been filled.

Check in soon!


Do you have open questions? Feel free to drop us a message at [email protected].



Can I apply even though I am in the assessment or master? 

We especially care about diversity in our team. We accept students of all ages, study levels, fields of study and work experience - You are therefore welcome to apply at any time during your studies!


Can I apply even though German is not my native language? 

We are working in a bilingual setting, as the majority of our consulting projects are carried out in English, while internally we communicate in German. Therefore, we require a proficient level in both languages. 


How can I prepare for the Recruiting Day? 

The goal of our Recruiting Day is for us to get to know your authentic self and understand your motivation to join SI. The three recruiting rounds (interview, discussion and case) require no specific preparation and are manageable at any level of experience. 


How does work at SI differ from an internship at a consultancy?

First and foremost, working together with other university students for an educational association provides a unique learning environment. Members not only have more responsibility within their team, but also benefit from guidance and support from Project Leaders and Partners. Additionally, SI provides its members with a unique community experience, complete with an internal curriculum and a range of events and workshops. 


What does a typical week as a SI consultant look like?

A typical week at SI starts off with our Monday meeting, which all members attend. During these meetings, we impart sustainability knowledge and share updates on our projects. Throughout the week, there are typically two team meetings or working sessions with the project team. During these sessions, everyone has the chance to discuss relevant topics, work together, and build professional skills. There is constant communication within the team, and there are capacity checks in place to ensure that our members can work less during busy times. Beyond project work, SI members have the opportunity to participate in a range of events and workshops. 


To what extent is the work spread out over the semester? 

We actively seek to ensure compatibility between the university obligations of our members and their work at SI. There is no project work during exam preperation and examination periods.

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Jobs at Student Impact

No job postings are currently available.