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Always nurturing and fun

It's not about the blame game here - failure is okay - we learn from it, it paves the way to bigger and better successes.

We are a driven and determined bunch who recognise that no one is perfect and somewhere along the way to success, everyone will at some point make the wrong call or decision at times - we are comfortable with this - it's more worrying to have people afraid to speak up, afraid to make decisions or afraid to take risks - that is a controlling environment that limits potential : Swipii loses out and most importantly so does our customer.

So instead, we want to create an environment where people can flourish - we share our knowledge, we are open to feedback given in the right spirit. We want to learn from each other and develop every member of the team. We look out for each other, lift people up when needed and together recognise its up to us to make coming to work fun and enjoyable. A happy team of people will lead to happy customers.

Always empowering

Our people come first and we want everyone to feel empowered at Swipii - this comes as a result of trusting our people and allowing everyone to take ownership, responsibility and have autonomy to do what they wish to do. We understand our mission, we believe in the vision, and we are given the freedom to go achieve great things!

We foster a culture where people can ‘seize the day’, if they have an idea then build on it, share it, and make it happen. We recognise when this happens and we show our appreciation loud and clear - the power of thanks is immense and motivates us to continue working in this way and go the extra mile.

Always mindful

We realise that as the company grows our methods of work will evolve - we are positive about change, we embrace it and will seek to listen to and understand the views and opinions of our team, customers, suppliers.

We work hard to be better all the time and don’t let complacency set in. We buy into the principles of being adaptable and agile in our approach to work but that doesn’t mean one size will always fit all.

We work at a sustainable pace and are present in the moment, ie, we come to work to give our all so we can also go home and give the other aspects of our life as much commitment and purpose. Work life balance is key to well rounded, happy people.

Always respecting

We treat one another, our customers, suppliers or anyone with which we interact, with respect and honesty. We are considerate and always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

Open and transparent in our approach, we keep communication at the forefront of our minds. We trust one another to do the right thing. We are not afraid to show humility and say sorry when things perhaps don’t work out as planned. We are humble and recognise the support and help from others to achieve our success.

We lead by example - we treat others the way in which we want to be treated.

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