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Our culture, our values, our raison d'être

At the risk of using a very overused phrase, here at Swipii we are on a ‘journey’, not just in terms of the products we build, but also the culture that evolves over time.

We look closely at our identity and the organisation we want to be. It started with looking at establishing our core values and that didn’t mean sticking the latest or boldest slogans on the wall, but actually involving our whole team in pinpointing the behaviours and skills that we value here.

We used a collaborative process and really thought about what it means to work at Swipii. Who we hire, who we recognise for their impact, who we promote and who stays with us will be those that reflect our core values.

At Swipii, in pursuit of creating an ‘‘always rewarding” place to work, our values are at our core.

It's an evolving thing, join us on our journey 🚀

We look for people who can identify with these values - those people will not only fit with our culture, they will further it! These people will add value to our amazing group of talent and will be a welcome addition to our team.

We realise we aren't done, we get that culture isn’t a project with an end date; it's not something to work over a few sprints; it's not about the freebies or the foosball table. For us it is about creating an environment as described above - our work will never be done here - it's up to us to keep cultivating this and adapting over time.

Sound like your sort of place? If so we’d love to hear from you - click here to check out our current career opportunities.


Swipii life

At our heart is a desire to add a sense of fun and engagement into people’s lives. Whether through working with local businesses, or by cultivating an imaginative work environment in our Glasgow office; we understand that creating a fun and rewarding place to work is what makes us great; and ultimately attract the people that will make Swipii tomorrow’s success 🏆

First and foremost, we are a team 🐙 Therefore, we work together. For example, if you walked in on a Monday you might find us all standing together sharing ur past week and the coming one for our company-wide standup. Similarly, quarterly off-sites, daily stand-ups, lunch-and-learns, the book club, charity events, pairing and mobbing are all encouraged and promoted at Swipii.

So if you want to find out the many ways we make coming into Swipii everyday collaborative, efficient and full-filling: click here!



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