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💡Didier Gasté, our Chief Executive Officer pitch Transaction Connect

We are proving a SAAS solution allowing companies to put payment data at the core of their strategy (market insights, acquisition, unified commerce, loyalty, advertising) 

Thanks to Transaction Connect, retailers are building and deploying a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to their customers and to retain them. "We help retail customers benefit from a smooth shopping experience without loyalty cards, allowing them to be automatically rewarded when they pay with their usual payment method. No more loyalty cards piled up in their wallets and causing frustration at the checkout". Didier Gasté, CEO and Co-founder.

Based on open banking technologies, retail assets and machine learning. We've been approved as a payment institution by the Banque de France (ACPR) since 2018 and regulated by European Banking Authority. We are operating in 9 EU live countries and analyze several million transactions / year.​​​​​​

💳 When technology meets payment data and retail industry

"We are developing a secure, reliable and easy-to-use platform that uses web and machine learning technologies. They enable us to identify each transaction carried out by a consumer online or in a shop, whatever the brand. Shopping centers or retailers can therefore acquire with our technology customer knowledge that will enable them to make better decisions without having to deploy software or hardware at the point of sale. Security and protection of personal data is at the heart of our product". Maxime Dellerie, Co-founder and CTO.


"Thanks to the analysis of shopping transactions, we provide brick and mortar retailers with analytics to develop their business and generate incremental sales. To do so, we identify, engage and retain their customers by gaining access to a level of customer knowledge superior to that of e-commerce players" Didier Gasté, Co-founder and CEO.

🔒Spotted by Elaia in 2019, we went international. Today, we operate in 9 European live countries.

In October 2019 we raised 1.5 million € from Elaia and we are now moving to Europe.

"Transaction Connect offers the most elegant and transparent solution on the market for collecting and using customer data to generate real revenue. It enables brick-and-mortar players to grow their business by identifying, engaging and retaining customers in a new way. We are proud to support this gold nugget from the Dauphine Incubator (PSL University) in its ambition to market and deploy its mass marketing analysis and personalization platform on an international scale" Cédric Favier, Investment Director Elaia.

📌 Meet Nelly Païs Pereira, our Chief Operations Officer

 Nelly is our COO and monitors the smooth running of operations, the day-to-day management of the teams and the transition to scale. She brings her expertise to the teams and to the customers, makes decisions and facilitates the processes. In addition, she ensures the well-being of the employees so that everyone delivers in the best conditions and grows together. #FunFact : before joining the adventure, Nelly was our client !


"Operations management is the link between with the day to day operational and the strategy..." 

 To know more about Nelly

💡 Do you perfect fit with our cultural values ? what we're made of

  • WHY NOT ? - We are entrepreneurs. Impossible isn't part of our vocabulary. Take your chance by the hand and get out of the box, dare. Don’t we say : “World doesn't smile for daring people ?”
  • PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT - Make a difference every day, to surpass ourselves with our teammates as with our customers. We like to set challenges, to step out of our comfort zone to have the maximum impact at scale.
  • WE NEVER WALK ALONE - We are a Team. Together we exceed our goals, in solidarity, until the end. Mutual aid is not an option.
  • TRUTH BUILDS TRUST !  - We are direct and respect all ideas expressed. Take a clear and strong position, but say it! "Tell it like it is" is our backbone of scaling up.
  • WE DEEPLY CARE - We take care of each other, our customers as well as the security of the data we collect. And it's not negotiable.


🔎 Attracted by the "start up" adventure ? Come and grow up with us

To contribute to our strong growth on the European market then in North America, we seek to surround ourselves with passionate, willing, humble and enthusiastic teammates  ! We look forward to collaborating with people that share our values of helping others, self empowerment, excelling oneself, and flexibility in order to build a recognized brand in the fintech landscape at the service of retailers and consumers.

Already deployed in more than 6,000 shops in 9 European countries (Sweden, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain...) we are accelerating our international conquest.

Node.js and react JS technology and machine learning enthusiasts, DevOps, data architecture, marketing data analysis and security enthusiasts, join us!

📌 We are start up but already A-player ? What do you think

  • Remote First : choose between 2 options  A°) Full remote or B°) Flex remote : 3 days / week + 1 full time month / quarter (= 4 months / year). For both you must respect a timezone of +/- 2H of time difference from Paris  ;
  • 7 weeks and 2 days "off days" per year for a full monthly year ;
  • Committed to Parental Act since February 2020 & Inclusion from start : 28 days off for all second parents accessible from your day one (LGBT friendly) ;
  • BSPCE for all : your excellence and impact on Transaction Connect value are € successfull  ;
  • Swile card vouchers with 50% covered by bonds at 8 € per worked day ;
  • Alan Health insurance with 50% premium covered ;
  • Transport with 50% pass Navigo covered by Transaction Connect ;
  • Headquarter location : Paris 11   


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