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About Tevva

Tevva is a British electric and hydrogen truck pioneer. Tevva designs and manufactures zero-emission medium-duty trucks with a revolutionary combination of battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell range extender technology.

Tevva trucks are built to revitalize urban freight and logistics – optimising range, cost, driver experience, and environmental impact. Tevva trucks are already on the road and have accrued hundreds of thousands of miles in customer hands.

Tevva London is based in Tilbury, Essex - we also have a base in the Midlands at Mira Technology Park.

Tevva is scaling up into full production in 2022 starting with the Tevva 7.5t GVW Battery Electric Vehicle, closely followed by the Tevva 7.5t GVW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Extended Battery Electric Vehicle.

Tevva designs and develops all its own technologies including battery and battery management systems, fuel cell integration, drive motors, software integrations and has just completed cold weather testing in the Artic Circle.



Mission and purpose

We do technology because it matters to humanity - this mission has been co-created with every member of team Tevva.  A powerful purpose which permeates our company growth and team member selection, our product development and technology roadmap and our customer offerings and service propositions. 

The climate crisis is real and the technology exists today to help decarbonise road transport, your mission is to help us achieve our goal.

Our customers are passionate about the cost, performance and emissions of their fleets, we have ambitious performance expectations and growth plans – that aim to remove 10 million tonnes of global transportation CO2 emissions by 2030.” Asher Bennett, Founder & CEO


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