Our consultants get students into the school of their dreams!

We are dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams and preparing the next generation of leaders by changing the world one mind at a time.

Our Consultants

As a business, our main focus is children and getting them into the University of their Dreams. Our Consultants focus on making a meaningful connections with the students and their parents. Our consultants are committed to partnering with our instructors towards ensuring that the students have the necessary criterion to gain acceptance into the university program and major of their choice.
Our team strives to increase academic progress by truly taking and organic approach towards developing the child holistically through academics, civic duty, volunteerism, community service and extracurricular engagement!


What is a Consultant at Think Tank?

Our consultants see their work as a way to help shape the world and build tomorrow’s leaders.Our consultants focus on improving the quality of education and life for all of our students, regardless of their age, background and abilities. Our consultants possess various areas of expertise, but in the end we all share a common goal: "To create the next generation of leader’s one mind at a time."


Do we have your attention now?

So now that you who are consultants are and we value, dose this describe you and who you are at your core? If so then we want to speak with you. Now here is where you come in and what you need to know in order to be successful as a Consultant here at TTL. Are you…

• Professionally Agile: Can you wear multiple hats at any given time and be an Academic Advisor, coach, mentor, cheerleader, and counselor and most importantly be a role model?

• Invested & Committed: Are you looking for a career here or this just a pit stop until you get that dream job at the university? or land a job that will utilize your Political Science degree?

• Passionate: Are you more concerned about the kids and ensuring that you make their dreams come true or are you more focused on the fact that you need to work on a weekend and present a seminar to a group of parents after hours?