We are TTL's Educators

We are dedicated to preparing the next generation of leaders by changing the world one mind at a time.

Our Educators

We believe in attracting and retaining the “Best of the Best” educators and teachers in the country. We place emphasis on the creativity, collaboration, communication and provide an environment for our educators to flourish. Our teachers are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters a discipline for self learning that not only accelerates academic skills, but is necessary for lifelong success. We don’t just teach, we mentor and inspire!

Our educators connect meaningfully and simply with each student. The goal is to create a framework for students to make new connections between ideas and facts that nurture curiosity and creativity. Our instructors integrate critical thinking, active reading and analytical techniques to help realize every students maximum potential in order to compete in today’s challenging world.

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds from teaching in public/private high schools, colleges, and nontraditional settings. Before they are hired they are put through a rigorous testing process that ensures subject matter expertise and their ability to connect with our students and families.


What we are looking for in an Educator

Our Teachers strive to increase academic progress by partnering with our families and truly taking and organic approach towards developing the child holistically through academics, civic duty, volunteerism, community service and extracurricular engagement! We truly feel that this adds an intangible layer of depth to the quality of our work environment and really speaks to why we do what we do and contribute to the building of a greater society at large.

Are your interests peaked?

Did our mission speak to you and describe you? If so then we want to speak with you.Here is where you come in and what and who you need to be in order to be succesful as an educator here at TTL. We look for educators who are:

• Professionally Agile: You can teach multiple subjects 

• Invested & Committed: You are looking for a career not just a part-time job until you find a job that fits with your Political Science degree.

• Passionate: You are more concerned about the kids rather than focused on whether you need to work on a weekend.