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What's 'LIFE' like at Thinking Capital?

Hi there, hello! Thanks for stopping by, we're happy to see you browsing the Talent Vault. We're not too sure what it is you know about us, but this is what we can tell you: We are a team of dynamic, energetic, and sometimes eccentric individuals. We think BIG, we're action-oriented! It is safe to say, we think OUTSIDE-THE-BOX. We use technology in bold, new and highly innovative ways. Think we can help you achieve your career goals? Keep reading!


You may have come across or heard of organizations labeling themselves as being "fast-paced". We've redefined that! Strap on your seat belts, because everyday, is different! Our team is filled with talented individuals that produce results, are very creative, and thrive on being challenged. We are looking for equally passionate people that want to thrive in what they do, while having a fun workplace to do it in. 

Itching to know more? GO FOR IT!

Meet the Talent Acquisition Team

Ah, recruiters! 

Where would we be without them? They source, attract, and well, sell us the opportunity. They provide us with all the details we need, in order to say, "YES! I want to work there!" 

Here are some key faces you need to know!

Our Academy

What can we say! We aren't your typical HR team. Our commitment to recruit, retain, and develop our employees is unparalleled. At Thinking Capital, we're known as TALENT

When we tell prospective employees and those who've been with us for a few years that we are dedicated to fostering their strengths, we mean it! From language courses to personal development plans, and even, certifications, we offer a wide range of services fit for any individual at any level.

This is Your Journey!

Our Rotational Program

Graduates! You've made it this far down the page, so I know you're invested and curious to know more. You may be asking yourself, "What is a rotational program?". The easiest and most simple response we can give: Think of this program like it’s a test drive for your career. The opportunities to flex hidden talents is encouraged. Thinking outside the box is appreciated. 

Come Sail with Us

Corporate Wellness

How often have you caught yourself say, "THERE AREN’T ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY!"? If the answer to that question is more often than not, don't worry, you aren't alone! We get it, truly. Our wellness program is all about living life fully. 

Direction: Health!

Employee Thoughts

The title says it all! Navigate through our vault and discover what employees, past and present, think of the organization and its commitment to continuously evolving the model. We know how important it is to give and receive feedback.

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