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TRUE Leadership

Our Managers lead our team members and grow our business.  At the heart of each of our restaurants is a management team committed to operating a profitable restaurant, building sales and building the culture of hospitality that True intends on preserving for meals to come.  These restaurant leaders will continue to raise the high bar that this brand has set for itself, its servers and its entire restaurant team.  Our managers underscore our mission, vision, valies and most importantly, the culture of each of our unique restaurant families. 

TRUE Culinary Leadership

Passion.  That's what moves us.  It all starts with fresh, honest and thoughtful ingredients that actually taste great together, and the passionate people who consciously choose to seek out these ingredients.  These are the people who respect food.  They respect their bodies.  And the effort it takes to create food that doesn't sacrifice quality, nutrition or taste.  Healthy living starts at our table, but preparing delicious food starts with our culinary team.  We're looking for culinary leaders to grow our kitchen team, build our business, solve problems, know each station of our diverse kitchen well - and be a role model to our cooks for how to execute under pressure.  Most importantly, our culinary leaders innovate, train, develop, empower, coach and counsel and problem solve......on the fly! 

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Jobs at True Food Kitchen

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