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Just the place for your friendly, smiling face.

We're in the market for some fresh talent.  Talent that inspires guests to expand their culinary comfort and further their journey towards healthy living.  The key to our dining room's welcoming atmosphere is not lighting or table arrangements, it's the smiles and positive attitudes of our servers.  Every plate you carry, or table you seat, not only serves our guests, but also serves your personal goals of growing with True.  While you're here, we encourage you to further your career.  We understand we might just be stop on your journey, but we're confident when you step inside our fast-paced environment with flexible schedules and the ability to walk out the door with cash tips, you'll find a family that's as passionate about your passions as you are about ours.

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If you can stand the heat, we want you in our kitchen.

When you put on an apron at True Food Kitchen, you're entering a full-service, high-volume, passion-fuels-the-fire kind of kitchen.  Every bowl, pizza, salad and entree we fire up is dedicated to one philosophy: nutritious and delicious without compromise.  Our diverse menu requires a strong team of talented chefs and cooks who are masters of their station.  Through our open kitchen concept, you'll take center stage in a dining room full of guests who care about their meal and the thoughtful ways in which we make it.  This is a craft that deserves to be appreciated, and you'll feel that in everything you do.  So, if this fast-paced environment lead by a culinary team dedicated to taste, execution, and employee empowerment has you nodding your head in agreement, we're nodding ours back at you.

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