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If you are a resourceful, motivated person who is looking for a position that will challenge your skills, fuel your creativity and reward your hard work, we may have an opportunity for you.

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Uhlig LLC is a leading provider of cross-media publishing and communication services in industries ranging from residential housing to book publishing to cancer care. With a deep respect for traditional editorial values, and a powerful platform of proprietary technologies, we are redefining the boundaries of consumer, business and medical communication.

Combining expert content resources, real-time data integration, and business process management, our solutions offer ongoing value to customers on an industry-specific basis. As an outsource partner for tens of thousands of businesses, non profit organizations and medical institutions, we deliver unequaled tools for connecting, informing, managing and healing.


The story of Uhlig is, above all, a story about people – the editors, designers, managers, production experts and software engineers in our company who routinely transform complex problems into unexpected and elegant solutions. We believe that success is not a product of luck or timing, but rather the long-term application of fundamental values to practical goals. That systematic, principled progress is a cornerstone of our company culture, and is reflected in the products and services we create, which emphasize the same values that have been so important to our development as a company.

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