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Texas Conference for Women

Austin, November 9th 2018

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Diversity & Inclusion at Visa

Our Vision:
A place where everyone is accepted everywhere, that’s where we want to be. By leveraging the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our worldwide teams, Visa is a better place to work and a better business partner to our clients.

Our Mission:
Create an environment in which individual differences, experiences, and capabilities are valued and contribute to our business success.

An INCLUSIVE culture where you belong

As a culture we proudly embrace individual differences and capabilities, recognizing and celebrating accomplishments and talents, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. We have instituted Unconscious Bias training across our offices and launched our Ready to Return program in Silicon Valley to create opportunities for those returning to the workforce after taking an extended period of time away to address family needs. In addition, we’ve established the Visa Women’s Network (VWN), Women in Technology and a number of other Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that support and encourage the professional development of women at Visa, and empower connections with others. We continually explore best practices and innovative ways to bolster our initiatives and bring about positive change in the workplace.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

We’re championing equal pay for equal work and examining our organization to ensure that we are creating the right environment where women can thrive. In addition to our own leadership summits and Visa University campus curriculum, organizations like Watermark, programs like Executive Edge and Talking Cranes, and ERG's like Visa Women’s Network and Women in Technology give our top talent access to a variety of programs, events and training to foster career, community, and corporate development. There’s still more work to be done to tip the leadership scales and we’re doing all that we can to give women the right networks, mentorship, and opportunities to achieve their highest career aspirations.

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