Join a culture of exceptional people solving complex challenges.


Discovery and creation are at the root of everyone’s work at Crux. Succeeding at being a learning organization requires being open and curious, having the confidence to know that you can learn new things to get past challenges, being agile in how you integrate learnings, and being dedicated to the idea that ongoing learning is necessary to achieve excellence. That is what Crux is all about.


These are the principles that guide our work:

  • Truth - be open, be curious, be learning

  • Excellence - own your work and strive for meaningful impact

  • Agility - flexibility and resources to achieve extraordinary objectives

  • Confidence - know yourself, replace fear with respect for risk while staying humble

  • Collaboration - be more than the sum of individuals  

Lifestyle & Benefits

We believe our people are the cornerstone of our success, and we have invested greatly in creating a culture and environment that builds exceptional teams inside and outside the office. Solving complex challenges depends on people who are passionate about and focused on our mission. Crux’s commitment to our people is to provide the right nurturing for us to do just that, delivering one of the most competitive compensation, health, and lifestyle benefits programs in the industry.

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