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Changing the face of insurance

You’re a disruptor. So are we. At esure Group, we’re going to fix insurance…for good. We’re making insurance pain free for our customers and rebuilding their trust in insurance

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Transforming our business

Our disruption means we’re going to develop new ways of attracting even more customers – and keeping them for longer. Our customers will feel good about buying from us.

We will use technology to be simpler, faster and more innovative than everyone else. This includes tackling all of the common pain points they experience when dealing with us – or most other insurers.

Customers will be more than just numbers in a database – our ability to manage their data will enable us to treat each one of them individually. And we will settle claims faster and in the right way.

We will leave a positive legacy of a greener and improved experience for everyone. Simply put, this means safer for customers and better for the environment.

Your new life at esure Group

From day one we want you to be yourself. Say what you think and challenge what you see. To be a disruptor we need disruptors. People, like you, who refuse to accept the status quo. They believe there is a better way. And don’t stop until they find it.

If changing the face of an industry appeals to you – check out the roles below (only disruptors need apply).


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