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Careers at Kamernet

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Are you our new colleague?

If you are looking for housing or a new roommate/tenant in The Netherlands, the place to be is Kamernet! Each year, more than 260 thousand users find their new home, roommate or, tenant via our community.

Founded in 2000 by two students, Kamernet knows what students want and need - from first-years to young-professionals. To accommodate them, we offer rooms, but also studio's and complete apartments to match their needs at every stage of their life.

With the largest community for renting with a focus on students and starters, Kamernet has a young, energetic team that understands and values all of it's members. We have dedicated customer support via all available online channels, so that our members can reach us in the way they please. We have special team that screens all of the new listings, to prevent that people with malicious intent post adverts on our community.

We have people working around the clock to offer the most rooms, useful functionalities, and best deals for our members. If your interested in a customer-focused, flat organization, feel free to apply!

Please checkout our website:

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