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Remote Careers at Pirsonal

We help companies accelerate sales and increase engagement by evoking a reaction from their segmented audiences by combining multimedia individualization and marketing automation.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

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Our Core Values

The list below represents how we want to be in order to impact each team member, our clients and the society in which we live in a positive and lasting way. It's challenging and a commitment. If you don't agree, Pirsonal is probably not a good fit for you:

  • We are team members, not employees.
  • We are faithful in the little things.
  • We do things that matter.
  • ‘Yes’ means ‘Yes,’ and ‘No’ means ‘No.’
  • We love others as much as we love ourselves.
  • We are humble.
  • We do more with less.
  • We can be and become creative.
  • We learn and share.
  • You rock.

Remote by Default

We love working from wherever we are. At least 98% of the time. By working remotely at a tech. startup...:

  • We can spend more time with our loved ones.
  • We are more productive.
  • We can work with friends, or even with family members.
  • We can travel (if we have a pretty decent, secure internet connection and our own hardware).
  • Our morale is boosted.
  • Let's face it. In the winter time, pajamas are more comfortable.
  • We have time to exercise.
  • We can connect with different cultures.

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