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Join Our Team

As a customer experience leader we build real connections with our customers to enhance brand loyalty for our clients and here at TSA we recognise that the only way to truly achieve that is to create a workplace which attracts the best and brightest of talent to represent the TSA brand.

We promote a workplace where you can be inspired and be inspiring.
A workplace where you can grow and feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. In other words, it’s about putting people first.

Employee Benefits

As a TSA Team Member, you'll have access to a number of awesome perks including:

Recognition of Service

We value hard work and loyalty with service awards, tenure bonuses and parental leave bonuses for our long standing team members,

Health & Wellness

Gain access to corporate offers through exclusive health insurance and gym partnerships, as well as work-life balance coaching to help you become your best you!

Friend Referral Program

Do you love working with your friends? We do! Not only do we encourage you to refer your friends, we'll reward you for it too.

Flexible Pay

We get it, unexpected expenses come up and waiting for pay day isn't always an option. We value financial flexibility and give every member of our team access to their pay when they need is, as they earn it.

Rewards & Recognition

We love making work fun and rewarding our people! Whether it's a team outing, free lunches, ping pong tournaments, invitations to exclusive VIP events or a luxury 5-star retreat - there's always prizes to be won.

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