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Meet Woobiz

Help us empower micro entrepreneurs to reach economic freedom.

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Empower Women, Change Life.

Woobiz is on a mission to build an innovative micro-entrepreneurship empowerment platform. Playing a role as sales empowerment platform in Indonesia, Woobiz strives to empower woman to become superwoman!

Empowerment. Modern. Trust.

Woobiz as a sales agency platform aims to be the solution for the needs of facilitated extra income. Woobiz focuses on individuals who want to become micro-entrepreneurs, the platform assist and guide them to be effective sales agent of multiple brands.

Starting Small, Big Things Ahead.

Joining Woobiz means challenging yourself to solve real problems with technology. Plus you'll work with passionate, seasoned and mission-driven individuals. We are looking for hungry, ambitious and purpose-driven talents to be part of our journey, joining our cause and building a top-class Product, Business & Operations team. If it interests you, come and join us!

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