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1839 LABS

Reimagining Stadium Event Experience

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1839 LABS is a team of Technologists, Engineers, Designers & Business Leaders providing next-generation engineering and technology solutions in the areas of Smart Buildings, IoT, Intelligent Operations, Data Analytics, 5G, AR/VR, and Immersive Experiences tailored to the professional sports venue industry. 

We are looking for vibrant & driven individuals to join our team focused on delivering innovative solutions to our clients in the US & Internationally. You will be part of some of the most exclusive projects around the globe, working with teams trying to solve the most complex challenges. You will get to work with best-of-breed tech platforms & tools and will play an active & vital role in bringing those solutions to market.


At 1839 LABS, we aspire to entertain the world with Immersive & Connected experiences using technology. The thing we most value is working with talented people in highly creative and productive ways. That’s why our core philosophy is people over process, and why we try to bring great people together as a dream team. Of course, any growing business requires some process and structure. But with our people-first approach, we can be more flexible, creative and successful in everything we do.


At 1839 Labs, we:

  1. Encourage new initiatives and ideas
  2. Share information openly, broadly and deliberately
  3. Communicate candidly and directly
  4. Keep only our highly effective people
  5. Avoid rules



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Jobs at 1839 Labs

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