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Current Job Opportunities at AltAgency

Our mission is to help every unsatisfied agency owner or service provider provide abundantly for his/her family, have time to enjoy their lives, and provide consistently life-changing service to their clients.

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AltAgency Hiring Process

1. Application Review

This is an opportunity to show us how your background fits in with what we’re looking for in our new hire.


2. Video Questionnaire

After review of application if we believe you might be qualified we will reach out with additional questions for you to answer via video to give you the opportunity to share more about  you and show us your personality and why you would be a good fit for our team.   As a fully remote team, we need to be able to communicate well via video and written word.

3. Initial Interview

Following review of your response, we will schedule a call with your the direct manager to get to know each other and discuss next steps.


4. Role Specific Tests or Sample Projects

Post interview, you will be asked to complete a task to show proficiency in a task tied directly to the role for which we are hiring for.  This is your opportunity to work with us as if you’re already a member of our team. It’s just as important for us to see what it is like to work with you, as it is for you to see what it is like to work with us! 


5. Offer

After completing all the steps above, if you are the right person to join the team we will reach out with a formal offer.



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Jobs at AltAgency

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