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Careers at Antares Tech

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About Us

Antares Tech is a lean and seasoned outfit of software engineers crafting
high value engineering solutions through technological solutions. We are traditionalists. We believe that strong fundamentals and a no-shortcut approach are the best way to move forward.

From top to bottom, Antares is made up of curious and talented individuals who show up to do work they love. It’s more than a career and an experience people put their whole selves into to get more out of. A prospective recruit undergoes grueling multi-round interviews where we assess the candidate from multiple angles including analytical skills, problem-solving, creative skills, and communication.

Our people are the lifeline of our company and we strive to keep them happy, healthy, and passionate about their work. We believe in giving them the maximum flexibility and benefits to make the most of their lives outside of work.




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Jobs at Antares Tech

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