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Bene is synonymous with inspiration, innovation and expertise in realising projects. With our pioneering products and solutions, we improve people’s working environment and design it for them in a logical way. We give our employees the opportunity to help shape the future of work in an international setting. For us, individuality and diversity are a great asset. As far as we are concerned, personal responsibility and a flat hierarchy hold the key to top performance.

We do not think in terms of cabinets, tables and chairs. And especially not boxes. As a world-leading provider for the design and furnishing of offices and other working environments, we want to be involved in the changes that lie ahead as early as possible so that we can turn them into new, intelligent solutions for our customers.

Here at Bene we are always curious – about the future, and about the world in general. What opportunities do digitalisation and artificial intelligence offer companies and their employees? How should managers reinterpret their role? What is it that actually motivates people to work today? And what is it that makes our work not just successful, but also fulfilling?



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