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To infinity and BEYOND.

Putting People First.

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Transforming Technology Teams Worldwide

At Beyond, we work with highly-acquisitive companies to help them integrate people and technology following a merger, acquisition or divestment.  We help businesses grow through the development of internal technology staff and assisting with system integration projects.

Our mission is to transform the careers of 300 people by 2020 - and we're smashing it - because we're a hybrid consultancy that combines decades of tech knowledge with our psychometric assessment skills.

Working in a driven, business-focused yet balanced and fun environment, we strive to create a workplace where staff Love Mondays


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Putting People First We follow the following values:

Be Generous - in particular with time, actively listening to others and helping others learn and develop.

We utilise a People First approach to all Post-Merger Integration project deliver and use this value throughout our M&A methodology, professional services, published book and M&A software.

Limitless Education is at our core - to help people secure their futures in a rapidly changing world. Many technology employees who have been in the industry for decades and have not updated their core soft and tech skills for years. All of which becomes apparent and a risk at the time of M&A activity.

The team must Get Stuff Done – be pragmatic, reduce bureaucracy – especially meetings, deliver good solid output.

Create and maintain a company culture so the team Love Mondays.

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