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Careers via Bureau Janssen

Bureau Janssen believes in the idea that un-mined talent is like gold: it's omnipresent and only has to be seen or discovered. And you? Where's your gold going to shine?

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Undergoing the thrill of finding the precious, the right solution, the right people...
From my childhood I remember the sheer unleashed inquisitivess when I saw somebody with a metal detector. I often thought of standing next to a painter in the fields near Arles in the late 1880's. Would I've recognized van Gogh's talent?The idea that 'the precious' is kind of omnipresent and that it only has to be seen or discovered is, I believe, the thing that never stopped fascinating me. Till the present day this particular drive helpes me professionally to get the best results for my clients. I am constantly occupied with the characteristics of 'the precious' and with the methods and instruments to discover it.

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