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Careers at Cloud DX, Inc.


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Sophisticated solutions for advanced healthcare providers

Precision vital sign monitoring equipment, software and mobile apps that cost less.


Our mission is to MAKE HEALTHCARE BETTER FOR EVERYONE. ‘Better’ means easier to use, more powerful, more affordable and more equitable…. And ‘everyone’ means patients, providers, payers, family members and society at large. Our value proposition is simple: MORE DATA X BETTER DATA = BETTER OUTCOMES @ LOWER COST.

We combine core competencies in biomedical hardware engineering, cloud-based medical device architecture, algorithm-based result generation, regulatory approval experience and internationally ISO-certified quality management, brought together to create a new category of medical device: the medically accurate, consumer/clinical vital sign platform. Cloud DX is a first-mover in the race to combine clinical-grade data collection with a consumer-friendly user experience.

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Jobs at Cloud DX, Inc.

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